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Izzat marji Group

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  • Phone:(962) 6 55 20 284 / Fax: (962) 6 55 20 294
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Izzat Marji Group was established in 1985 by Mr. Izzat Marji; starting from a small private company selling central heating systems and its accessories, turning up to be one of Jordan’s leading providers of heating & cooling systems, sanitary ware and kitchen sinks, as well as fixing systems and power tools.

Izzat Marji Group offers its products and services to its clients through its three different showrooms that are strategically located in key areas serving as a one stop shop catering mainly for electromechanical contracting companies, hotels, industries, hospitals, and last but not least households.

Since introduction, Izzat Marji Group biggest priority and effort was to serve the customers interest with good products, proper installation and reliable service.

For the past two decades; customers large and small have relied on Izzat Marji Group for exceptional quality products, high performing systems, and unparalleled expertise.

Izzat Marji Group invests heavily into its human resources. Over the years it had developed an outstanding team of over 100 employees; specialized in different areas mainly engineering. This team is well trained, professional and knowledgeable, and is able to offer outstanding and creative service solutions to the company’s customers. 

The management of Izzat Marji Group is setting plans to expand the business vertically in the form of further diversification of their product lines and value added services, as well as horizontally through the penetration of new markets, utilizing its core competencies and expertise to enter these markets.

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