Why Join JRA

Because we care we will …

1. Protect
We will protect our restaurant industry interests and safeguard our members' rights.

2. Support
We are here to help you, all you need to know about the restaurant industry is only a phone call away, or you can give us a visit at our offices.

3. Government Advocacy and Communications
We work hard to Build relationships, make submissions and lobby for change to make sure the industry’s voice is loud and clear.
With the aim of creating a healthy business environment for the restaurant industry, JRA works towards tracking changes in legislation affecting the tourism industry and address all relevant policy issues influencing members. It conducts regular research on issues identified by members as challenges affecting the success of their businesses. Research will always be based on direct feedback JRA receives from restaurants through annual needs assessment sessions and surveys.
The association’s position on important policy issues will continuously be communicated to policy-makers and other stakeholders through strategic coalitions, the media, roundtable discussions and other communication tools.

4. Career Development and Skilled Human Resources
Because our industry is facing huge skill Shortage,Training has been identified as a “major need” by most of JRA members,and that’s why education and training are one of our biggest priorities.
We’ve cooperate with national academic institutions and signed MOU’s to hold short courses to help you upskill and to help you do better staff training.

5. Network
Provide social services and functions such as meetings with decision makers at the local, regional, and international levels.
Meeting with suppliers to know more about the new services and products.
Join and cooperate with similar Arab and international hotel & restaurant associations.

6. Expose
We will help you to be exposed for diners all over Jordan and the world.

7. Events
Such as the “Hospitality Forum (HORECA)” Three days full of inspiration and advice from some of Jordan hospitality leaders. Here you’ll get the latest industry insights,

8. And More to come